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Safe and sound: Zanardo enclosures from Elquip Solutions protect the electronic nerve centres of SA business

Safe and sound: Zanardo enclosures from Elquip Solutions protect the electronic nerve centres of SA business

Electrical and automation systems are central to the functioning of businesses across South Africa, and damage to this equipment can lead to expensive delays. It makes sense, then, for companies to source enclosures for electronics and automation with the same care they would use to select the systems themselves.

Zanardo has positioned itself as a global leader in the enclosures market, producing products which can be seamlessly integrated into operations, from office to factory floor.

Based in Northern Italy, Zanardo has more than 30 years of expertise in the field of metal carpentry.

“Items manufactured by the company range from boxes, suspension and roof ventilation systems to cabinets for housing network servers and distribution boards,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions, which has been Zanardo’s local South African distributor for the past 15 years.

“Zanardo prides itself on producing enclosures which are sufficiently versatile to meet the most diverse systems requirements, yet robust enough to guard against wear and tear.

At Elquip Solutions, we in turn pride ourselves on a comprehensive stockholding and competitive pricing structure, thereby ensuring Zanardo’s local customers of easy accessibility to their products and a great deal besides,” Cronin advises.

The company’s product lines make use of casings constructed from welded steel monobloc structures, and steel sheet drawn-column bearing frames. Side panels, back panels and doors are manufactured in steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5mm or more, while internal plates come in galvanised steel of 2mm and upwards.

Among the host of features which customers can expect are transparent doors, doors with keyboard and mouse-supporting systems, single or multiple cable entry flanges and polyurethane sealing gaskets.

Pre-drilled internal supports for elements mounting and removable shelves on telescopic guides allow for ease of assembly – while the use of thermosetting powders for painting guarantees that Zanardo’s painted sheet products are able to tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.

The items are available in multiple sizes and configurations, and the company also manufactures units in stainless steel: including junction boxes, hanging boxes and control consoles. Zanardo will customise its products for customers who cannot find an exact match for their requirements in the company’s extensive catalogue.

“Thanks to the variety and quality of their enclosures, Zanardo has found a market for their products around the world. We are proud to have represented them, and to have supplied their products to South African industry, for the past 15 years,” says Cronin.

On the success of Elquip’s relationship with Zanardo, he adds: “We share the conviction that building lasting relationships with customers is not simply a matter of equipment changing hands – but of ensuring that these purchases translate into meaningful solutions to our customers’ challenges on the shop floor.”

Security and safety considerations are addressed through, among others, PVC locking systems as well as M4 and M6 pins for earthing. Zanardo enclosures have been tested by several organisations, including the Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TÜV SÜD) and the Centro Elettrotecnico
Sperimentale Italiano (CESI), to ensure that the items meet requirements for withstanding impacts, waterproofing and the like.

Furthermore, products are certified according to ISO 9001/2008 regulations, and the range also complies with EN 62208 and EN 61 439 regulations.

Additionally, Zanardo offers a vast number of accessories, both for its products in painted sheet and those manufactured from stainless steel. These include padlockable covers for locks, keys (double-comb, triangular, yale and FIAT), die-cast hinges and back-fixing blocks. Customers in search of sheet accessories can choose from Zanardo’s plinths, bases, panels and doors.

“We can ensure rapid delivery of Zanardo’s products, and can also assist with installation where necessary. We are very proud to be the long-term local distributor of such an extensive range of quality products, which assist in protecting the electronic nerve centres of South African business,” Cronin concludes.

Endorsement at the Highest Level for Behringer Sawing Technology locally supplied by Elquip Solutions

Endorsement at the Highest Level for Behringer Sawing Technology locally supplied by Elquip Solutions

When it comes to selecting a supplier of sawing technology, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Many companies have set up shop in this sector, each promising quality, versatility and dependable after-sales support. Even in this crowded field, however, the Behringer Group stands out. This German family-owned and managed organisation is known for being one of the few suppliers able to meet every cutting requirement of its customers – whether for hack-, band or circular saws.

Now, the group’s reputation for comprehensive service has been endorsed by a global leader in the manufacture of stainless steel, Dörrenberg Edelstahl GmbH, showing once again why Behringer should be the producer of choice in 2016 for clients in search of high-performance cutting machines.

According to a recent edition of Stahlmarkt, a German monthly magazine which caters for the steel trade, there is a very close relationship which has developed between well-known manufacturer Dörrenberg and Behringer, as its products have come to play a central role in Dörrenberg’s operations.

Commenting on the article, local supplier of Behringer products and Managing Director of Elquip Solutions, Mike Cronin, says: “Behringer responds to Dörrenberg’s need for machines capable of tackling a wide spectrum of materials which also have multiple dimensions (up to 1 000 millimetres in the case of large cross sections). As a result, Dörrenberg has invested in some 70 Behringer saws over the years.”

“Behringer supplies straight-cutting, mitre-cutting and vertical band saws, but it is the HBP range of large band saws that has really played a starring role at Dörrenberg. This comes as no surprise, as these giants can handle anything from slabs to cast blocks,” Cronin continues.

“However, size does not come at the expense of precision or efficiency. HBP models have many features which ensure a good return on your investment, including blade guiding elements and a servo feed system that raises cutting output,” he points out.

Other features in the large band saw range include a portal design that can cope with big loads but which also minimises vibrations, carbide blade guides and dampening rollers which ensure that the saw blade enters and exits cutting materials safely, and duplex chip brushes which clean the blade while preventing chips from gravitating to the cutting channel.

The company’s circular saws are produced by a subsidiary, Behringer Eisele, also represented by Elquip. The Behringer Eisele portfolio comprises VMS vertical saws, PSU mitre saws, HCS high-performance saws, and VA-L automatic circular cold saws.

“The VA-L series sets new standards in several performance areas, including volume sawing of materials and the capacity of a circular saw to deal with complex cross-sections,” says Cronin.

Users of VA-L models have the further benefit of flexible material clamping (pneumatic for gentle clamping or a hydraulic option for greater power), adjustable cutting speeds for cutting through materials of different strengths, and a feed axis that makes use of state-of-the-art drive technology.

Behringer has particular expertise in handling materials which have difficult cutting properties, and prides itself on vertically integrated production – something made possible, in part, by the company’s ownership of a modern foundry at which it manufactures cast components. A management system certified to DIN ISO 9001 means that customers are assured of high standards throughout the production of Behringer equipment.

“Here in South Africa, we at Elquip Solutions are happy to introduce customers to the innovation and reliability which characterise Behringer,” says Cronin.

Proving their mettle: Elquip Solutions and YLM: bringing the best in global tube bending technology to local industry

Proving their mettle: Elquip Solutions and YLM: bringing the best in global tube bending technology to local industry

Elquip Solutions works hard to find only the best global manufacturers of products, and as a specialist in the tube and pipe industry, is proud to distribute YLM tube bending machines in South Africa.

“Through YLM we can now offer our existing customers a premium brand which offers a quality product on a par with the best in the world, but which is easy on the pocket,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.

Founded in 1976, YLM is a leading manufacturer of specialised computer CNC, NC (numeric control) and conventional tube and pipe bending, cutting and end-forming machinery. YLM has been distributing its world-class products in South Africa for more than ten years, and three years ago chose Elquip Solutions as their sole agent.

“Elquip and YLM have formed a very strong business partnership and we see eye-to-eye on many things, including the importance of delivering a quick and efficient customer service. We are proud to include the YLM brand in our portfolio because of its reputation for robustness and reliability – there are YLM machines in this country which have operated year-on-year without any maintenance issues,” says Cronin.

YLM visited South Africa to attend Automechanika earlier this year, eliciting much interest from visitors and customers at the Elquip stand, with on-site demonstrations of its wire and tube bending machines.

“Automechanika was very important for building relationships both in terms of existing and potential customers, and in demonstrating our good relationship with Elquip. The co-operation we enjoy with Elquip is a powerful one because Elquip is in daily contact with our customers through the supply of spare parts, tooling and consumables. We also receive regular feedback from our customers through Elquip,” comments Bella Lin, YLM’s Regional Manager.

Currently, there are approximately 60 YLM machines in operation in South Africa, according to Cronin, utilised by a wide range of industries including furniture, racking and shelving, automotive, fabrication, rail, shipping and aviation, and general engineering.

Apart from offering a choice of stand-alone, semi-automated NC, fully electronic CNC as well as a combination of hydraulic and electronic, YLM also caters for a very wide range of tube diameters: from 4mm up to 220mm. In addition, the machinery can be used on any metal, including mild steel, stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, aluminium and copper, and in any conceivable shape or profile.

“When it comes to spare parts, they are readily available because YLM uses recognised, generic components in their production, making servicing easy,” adds Cronin.

He highlights another feature of YLM production – the working cell concept in which a robot is used within a fully automatic environment, which has proved highly successful in terms of the company’s productivity (24 hours/day) and on-site safety.

“One of the things we really appreciate about YLM is that they are continually developing products and innovations,” says Cronin. “An example is their automatic tool changer, which is a massive time-saver. A process which normally takes about half an hour, requiring more than one person, now takes only seven minutes!”

“We pride ourselves in listening to the customer, and it is that feedback that drives our innovation. Communication is very important to us, and we have a 24 hour customer hot-line,” says Lin.

Another development for YLM is the company’s new in-house laser tube cutting machines which, like its bending equipment, makes quality and state-of-the-art technology both accessible and affordable.

“At Elquip we undertake to find the most effective and efficient technology for our customers’ requirements; and YLM provides value for our customers and complements our existing range of machinery perfectly,” concludes Cronin.

Elquip Solutions – providing high-precision German scarfing systems for the tube and pipe industry

Elquip Solutions – providing high-precision German scarfing systems for the tube and pipe industry

Sourcing from some of the leading brands worldwide, Elquip Solutions provides both capital equipment and consumables to meet a broad range of industry requirements. Specialising in the steel, coil processing and fabrication industries, the company prides itself on extensive knowledge of the South African tube and pipe industry; and has amassed a wide range of products and solutions for this niche market.

Customers in the tube and pipe industry need look no further than Elquip for quality solutions to their processes, according to Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions. An example of Elquip’s comprehensive customer offering is its range of highly specialised precision scarfing tools and consumables, manufactured by German carbide tool fabricator Saar-Hartmetall.

“Nearly every welded tube mill requires scarfing tools to remove the weld beads created during the welding process,” explains Cronin. “In order to achieve a perfectly smooth surface in tube production, scarfing needs to be done with precision, as mission-critical processes must make use of the right equipment. Furthermore, mistakes in the engineering and manufacturing sector are extremely costly from a lost production perspective. It is therefore critical to use a tool designed to get the job done right the first time. Saar-Hartmetall are the acknowledged leaders in scarfing technology, and offer a product that is both highly efficient and user-friendly.”

Saar-Hartmetall produce an internal and external scarfing system, as well as the carbide inserts as consumables. The tools are also available in mechanical and hydraulic versions, for tubing from 14 mm to 100 mm, and 32 mm to 184 mm, respectively.

“As a company that is highly innovative, Saar-Hartmetall has refined its technology over the years. They have continued to lead the way with state-of-the-art component solutions which are also simple and cost-effective,” says Cronin.

Far from simply delivering equipment to its destination, Elquip Solutions works closely with its customers to identify the most efficient and effective implementation for the technologies they require. Therefore, the company provides both installation and on-site training for its customers of Saar-Hartmetall scarfing systems.

“Although the technology has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible, scarfing is also a highly specialised process, and Elquip is equipped with the necessary know-how to provide our customers with expert advice and back-up support,” says Cronin.

Large stock-holding of both tools and carbide consumables by Elquip means that the Saar-Hartmetall range is readily available to South African customers.

“When it comes to scarfing, Saar-Hartmetall is an international precision scarfing and deburring industry leader; and as providers of comprehensive industrial solutions, we are proud to bring this high quality system to the South African tube and pipe industry,” concludes Cronin.

The Right ‘Tool’ for the Job – Elquip Solutions announces distribution agreement with Hoffmann Group

The Right ‘Tool’ for the Job – Elquip Solutions announces distribution agreement with Hoffmann Group

In a bid to provide its customers with the highest quality electrical and mechanical equipment and consumables, Elquip Solutions sources only the best global brands. The company’s ever-expanding portfolio of products, which also includes capital equipment, therefore features a broad array of international brands.

And now Elquip has announced its latest distributorship agreement – with German company the Hoffmann Group, whose impressive catalogue of tools exemplifies their well-known ‘three brand concept’ by providing customers with a choice of premium, recognised and industry quality brands. This effectively provides Elquip’s customers with an even wider choice in quality products and up-to-date, global technology.

“We were extremely proud and excited when Hoffmann chose Elquip to distribute their tools to the South African market. The agreement substantially enhances our offering to new and existing customers, who seek a top quality product which combines efficiency and affordability.

Whether a customer is looking for a premium brand such as Garant, a recognised brand such as Mitutoyo, Bessey or Stahlwille, or an industry quality brand such as Holex, Hoffmann provides the solution for literally any requirement or budget,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.

Headquartered in Munich, Germany, the Hoffmann Group has been a leader in tooling globally for more than 95 years, recognised as a premium tool provider in more than 50 countries around the world. The company’s catalogue features over 65,000 items listed, and an impressive range of leading international brands.

“The Hoffmann catalogue is renowned not only for the incredibly wide choice of products, but also for providing a wealth of useful information for the market. In fact, for many people, the catalogue itself is the most important ‘tool’ in the tool room!” says Cronin.

Products under the Hoffmann banner include cutting and clamping tools, measuring instruments, machining, hand tools, storage solutions and workshop accessories.

“Bringing global expertise to the local market is what we at Elquip are about,” Cronin says. “Leveraging off our local market knowledge, our in-house technical expertise has been instrumental in the successful growth – throughout Africa – of many of our international principals.

We are confident that our established customer base will open up a dynamic new market for Hoffmann.”

Far from being just an equipment provider and distributor, Elquip Solutions maintains strong ties with its customers, regularly liaising with them about their changing business requirements. At the heart of the company’s service offering is a commitment to finding the most cost-effective and operationally efficient solution to a specific requirement.

“We are very pleased that Hoffmann recognised in Elquip a service ethic which matches their own. Our aim is always to listen closely to our customers, and then to exceed their expectations. Our customers have come to depend on our substantial stockholding, quick turnaround times, 24/7 backup support and attention to detail.

“We look forward to a long and fruitful association with Hoffmann, and are proud to represent such a prestigious and well-known brand in South Africa!” Cronin concludes.

Flexicon Conduits from Elquip Solutions: Liquid–tight technology for subsea vehicles

Flexicon Conduits from Elquip Solutions: Liquid–tight technology for subsea vehicles

Elquip Solutions has made a name for itself as a quality provider of market-leading electrical components, tooling and machinery for a wide range of industries. In a bid to source the right product for a specific industrial requirement, this Gauteng-based company has introduced a high-end, comprehensive range of flexible conduit systems and components from UK manufacturer Flexicon to the local market.

These conduit systems provide superior cabling protection, particularly in high-demand, hazardous environments such as in the rail or mining industries. Further demonstrating its versatility, Flexicon’s liquid-tight conduit system has been used to protect the power supply to subsea remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs) in the oil and gas industry in Brazil, China and Australia.

The 63mm LTP conduit and special engineered fittings are used to protect the slipring connections inside the winch. This provides 3.3KV feeds to the power transmission system, which connects the subsea ROV to the surface, according to Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.

“In addition to the power cables, fibre optic elements are included in the single cable connection system called an ‘umbilical’. The tail from the slip ring is a loose bundle of copper and fibre optic cables, which terminates in a junction box on the winch. This bundle needs protecting from sea spray and harsh offshore environments to maximise its service life and provide trouble-free operation,” says Cronin.

In the subsea environment it is essential that power is maintained for data to the ROV, because when the ROV is not working, it means the entire rig is down and not drilling. Providing ongoing protection for the slip ring from the environment is therefore vital.

“Flexicon is specified in these situations because the liquid-tight LTP conduit has an exceptional bend radius which is necessary to fit inside the winch. It is also a proven system that can withstand an incredibly harsh environment and Flexicon engineers are able to provide special connectors to ensure an IP68 rating with different input and output sizes,” says Cronin.

Flexicon conduits are known for their robustness in the harshest environments. Additional protection such as EMC shielding, high-impact or crush-resistance, corrosion and oil-resistance are also performance benefits, dependent on the conduit selected.

As specialists in this field, Flexicon has developed two broad product ranges, metallic and non-metallic, available from 10mm to 106mm in diameter. The company also has a wide range of patented fittings and connectors, locking and non-locking, designed for ease of use and adaptable for any application.

“Elquip has had a long and proud association with Flexicon – it is a highly innovative company which has developed a large range of products to suit every conceivable application. We are particularly excited about Flexicon’s range of conduits which have been specially designed for the demands of specific industrial applications worldwide,” Cronin concludes.

Elquip Solutions – Bringing Top Italian Sheet Metal Working Lines to South African Industry

Elquip Solutions – Bringing Top Italian Sheet Metal Working Lines to South African Industry

One of Italy’s most important names in machine building is now represented in South Africa as part of a distributorship agreement with Elquip Solutions, which provides quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and capital equipment to local industry.

Faspar SpA, from its premises near Milan, Italy, began as press designer and manufacturer, and has been producing coil processing equipment and complete sheet metal working lines since 1977. Faspar is well known globally for its range of customised products, which includes slitting lines; levelling, straightening and ‘cut-to-length’ lines; surface finishing lines; feeding and pressing/punching lines; roll forming lines, and sandwich panel lines.

“Faspar has installed over 300 metal working lines for companies around the world – including Europe, Russia, Asia, and North and South America. We are very pleased to be able to introduce this globally renowned line of equipment to the South African market and believe our customers have a lot to gain from the quality and expertise that comes with the Faspar name,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.

Producing its stock from an impressive 4,000m2 covered facility, Faspar is continually building on its 40 year experience in the field, expanding on its research and development capabilities to meet modern-day industrial needs.

“Faspar is well regarded around the world for a quality product as well as extremely reliable customer service,” says Cronin. “As one of our international principals, Faspar fits the Elquip Solutions profile perfectly – as a symbol of global engineering excellence and capability -resulting in a reliable finished product.”

Elquip Solutions is constantly seeking and identifying the most efficient and effective implementation for the technology required by its customers, and then tailoring those solutions to individual needs. The company has extensive knowledge and experience of the tube and pipe industry, and has built a reputation locally as specialists in the steel, coil processing and fabrication industries.

“Building strong ties with our suppliers and principals is a fundamental part of our capacity to provide tailored, value-added solutions to our customers,” maintains Cronin. “As one of our valued international partners, Faspar forms an important part of our strategic capacity to offer our customers state-of-the-art technology: which, in turn, offers them excellent return- on- investment (ROI).”

Faspar’s sheet metal lines are custom-designed and produced to serve a range of industries, including automotive, white goods and construction. The company supplies the service centres of international groups ThyssenKrupp Group, Sassoli Group, Sandvik, Metecno Group and Ugine & Alz (Arcelor Group), among others.

Faspar steel working lines offer versatility in materials capability, processing mild/carbon steel, galvanised steel, pre-painted steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium and copper.

“As a UNI EN ISO 9001/2000 certified company, Faspar assures users of the level of quality and reliability which is so necessary in an efficient manufacturing or surface line facility. It is a global name that we are proud to represent and distribute here in South Africa,” Cronin concludes.

Quality in the pipeline: Elquip Solutions reinforces commitment to the tube and pipe industry through agreement with Kent Corporation

Quality in the pipeline: Elquip Solutions reinforces commitment to the tube and pipe industry through agreement with Kent Corporation

With cost-cutting a priority for most businesses, a solution which eliminates the requirement for large-scale capital investments or machinery replacement is compelling. Kent Corporation’s range of specialised capital equipment for the tube and pipe industry is specifically designed with both cost-cutting and enhanced productivity in mind.

This range is now available locally through an agreement which Elquip Solutions has entered into with the USA-based company.

Kent Corporation has been an industry-leading supplier to the international tube mill and strip processing industries for over four decades, and Elquip Solutions is excited to be representing them locally.

“Kent Corporation is well-known in the industry for its specialist knowledge of tube mill technology and strip preparation equipment. Due to this specialist focus, they bring to the market a range of high-end, state-of-the-art components which are internationally and locally tried and tested,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.

Elquip Solutions is an established local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment. The business has supplied the local tube and pipe industry for many years. Based in Johannesburg, the company works closely with its customers in the tube and pipe industry to find the most cost-efficient and effective solutions for their applications, and tailor them to individual needs.

“At Elquip Solutions, our focus is on sourcing and distributing consumables and components which represent the very latest in global technological advancements. Our agreement with Kent Corporation is very much aligned with this strategy – it is a high-end global brand which we are proud to represent in South Africa,” says Cronin.

He continues: “The major advantage of Kent Corporation’s components for the tube mill industry is that they can be retro-fitted onto existing machinery for process modernisation and enhancement, without the major capital expenditure associated with replacing or upgrading equipment.”

Kent Corporation designs and manufactures a range of strip accumulators, coil-handling equipment, coil-end welders and deburring machines using cutting-edge technology, and distributes to over 53 countries. The equipment is exceptionally robust, according to Cronin.

“Along with the high-level, specialist knowledge that comes from focusing on the tube and pipe industry, the robustness and sheer quality which Kent Corporation brings to the market is another compelling advantage for our local customers,” he says.

“The strip preparation equipment is available as standard equipment; but can also be customised or retro-fitted to meet individual customer requirements and systems design. This globally tried-and-tested technology achieves significant improvements in production efficiencies and modernisation within a tube mill – without major capital investment. It is a highly cost-effective solution to process upgrading, preventing any loss from operational downtime.”

“Distributing Kent Corporation components further demonstrates Elquip Solutions’ commitment to the tube and pipe industry and our quest to find the most effective and efficient global solutions to suit the local market,” Cronin concludes.

On track to supply revitalised rail industry with high-end flexible conduit solutions

On track to supply revitalised rail industry with high-end flexible conduit solutions

The capacity to source and supply the right product for a specialised industrial requirement has always been key to Elquip Solutions’ success. Since the 1980’s, the Boksburg-based company has established itself as a key local provider of global, market-leading electrical components, tooling and machinery.

To this end, Elquip Solutions has introduced a high-end, comprehensive range of flexible conduit systems and components from UK manufacturer Flexicon to the South African market.

“Elquip has had a long and proud association with Flexicon – it is a highly innovative company, which has developed a large range of products to suit every conceivable application. We are particularly excited about Flexicon’s range of conduits which have been specifically designed for the demands of the rail industry worldwide,” says Marius Scheepers, Internal Sales Manager of Elquip Solutions.

As specialists in flexible conduit solutions, Flexicon has developed two broad product ranges, metallic and non-metallic, available from 10mm to 106mm in diameter. The company also has a wide range of patented fittings and connectors, locking and non-locking, designed for ease of use and adaptable for any application.

“Flexicon supplies a number of industries worldwide, including photovoltaic, moving machinery, electrical contracting and mining. They also focus on the rail industry, and have designed and developed a range specifically to meet the needs of this technically demanding sector,” says Scheepers.

When it comes to the rail industry, IP ratings, tensile strength characteristics, weight, corrosion resistance, fire performance properties and operating temperature ranges are all factors to consider. Added to this are the specifications related to a passenger rail environment, such as aesthetics, low fire hazard and ease of installation in confined spaces.

“Having been designed to meet all the requirements of the rail environment, Flexicon conduits are highly robust, but offer ease of use and installation; and have been developed according to the highest global industry standards,” notes Scheepers.

Elquip Solutions has supplied a number of projects within the South African rail industry with Flexicon’s metallic range (LTP and FSU), manufactured in galvanised steel or stainless steel. They have also developed the non-metallic range (FPAS), which is manufactured from a range of materials, such as nylon, offering different properties according to the demands of the environment.

With South Africa’s Passenger Rail Agency’s (PRASA’s) latest announcement of a R51 billion ten year investment into procuring 600 new, modern commuter and passenger trains, the rail sector holds significant opportunities, says Scheepers.

“We are proud to hold Flexicon’s stock in our portfolio and believe there is wide scope for its use in South Africa’s fast-growing rail industry. PRASA’s revitalisation programme and major investment in new rolling stock will mean a new era of state-of-the-art rail equipment and technology in this country.

Flexicon’s product range for the rail industry matches this vision by representing the latest developments in conduit technology and meeting relevant industry standards,” says Scheepers.

As a supplier of world-class industrial solutions to the market, Elquip Solutions provides a round-the-clock support service and ensures that its products are readily available to its customers.

“Despite being a high-end European product used all around the world, Flexicon is competitively-priced. It offers ease of installation, is self-extinguishing (therefore suitable in any potentially fire-hazardous environment) and highly robust. We are very excited to be able to bring the Flexicon rail product range to the growing South African market,” Scheepers concludes.

Friction-free and safe: Elquip Solutions increases its product range through new anti-static Flexicon conduit system

Friction-free and safe: Elquip Solutions increases its product range through new anti-static Flexicon conduit system

The hallmark of a successful manufacturing company is to offer a tailored range of products which few competitors can offer.

Local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products Elquip Solutions prides itself on achieving this regularly.

Further to this end, the company has recently announced an addition from global principal Flexicon, which focuses on anti-static flexible conduit systems.

Elquip Solutions Managing Director Mike Cronin says that this product will add significant value to the market, as it provides users with flexibility and ease of operation.

“The LTPAS and LTPPUAS flexible conduits can be used to avoid electrostatic charge build-up on installed equipment, including the surface of the conduit. This issue is particularly prevalent when working in hazardous areas.

Both systems comply with clause 7.4.2 of EN600079-0, which refers to the avoidance of a build-up of electrostatic charge on Group I or Group II electrical equipment,” says Cronin.

Available in sizes from 16mm up to 63mm, this new offering is compatible with all liquid tight fittings including the new EXD flameproof barrier glands.


The LTPAS liquid tight flexible conduit system is PVC coated, with a special anti-static additive and has high compression strength of up to 400kg; and a high tensile strength of up to 130kg. Available with IP ratings up to IP68 and IP69K, the LTPAS can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 105°C.


The LTPPUAS liquid tight flexible conduit system is polyurethane coated with a special anti-static additive, offering high abrasion resistance and superior protection for demanding environments. Available with IP ratings of up to IP68 and IP69K, the cable protection system can withstand temperatures from – 40°C to 80°C.

“Elquip Solutions has always been focused on meeting our customer’s individual specifications, and it will be no different with this product.

Introducing a specialised anti-static product to the local market means that we can further support customers who are working in hazardous and challenging environments,” says Cronin.

He continues: “This will be a welcome addition to the competitive and price-conscious South African market. Customers tend to look for a range of options which would meet their required objectives, while strictly adhering to budgets.”

Both the LTPAS and LTPPUAS flexible conduit systems are included within the new Flexicon hazardous area range, complementing each other perfectly to offer a well-rounded solution to the market.

“We always strive to offer the widest product range available and to introduce products which complement each other. In so doing, we have successfully established ourselves as a distributor of choice in a highly competitive market,” Cronin concludes.