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Elquip Solutions and Kinkelder partner for long-term cutting-edge excellence, return-on-investment and lower cost-per-cut
06 September 2017

Manufacturers who use large capital equipment sometimes shy away from purchasing top quality machines. The most common reason for this is the initial capital outlay. However, is this always a wise decision? Mike Cronin, the Managing Director of Elquip Solutions, gives good reasons why it is not.
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Elquip Solutions sharpens cost-competitiveness and productivity with leading cutting capital equipment and consumables at Machine Tools Africa
10 May 2017

Steel fabrication follows a sequence, of which cutting is the first crucial step. The faster and more efficiently fabrication companies can cut components, the greater the final productivity and profit margins. Elquip Solutions specialises in the supply of specialist cutting capital equipment and consumables which will truly give their users the sharpest competitive edge in steel cutting.
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Elquip Solutions showcases excellence in cutting capital equipment and consumables at Machine Tools Africa 2017
29 March 2017

This year, the 9th of May is a key date for anyone involved in manufacturing, as this is the day the Machine Tools Africa 2017 opens at the Expo Centre at Nasrec, Johannesburg. This important four-day event showcases tools and equipment that rotates, turns, cuts, forms, bends, shapes and more.
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Elquip Solutions and Hoffman offer a catalogue of tooling excellence unmatched for its range and quality.
08 February 2017

While all of South Africa's tool importers have catalogues of their products, none of these online or print publications contain nearly as wide a range of tools and ancillary products which are contained in the Hoffman Group catalogue, explains Elquip Solutions Managing Director Mike Cronin.
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Elquip Solutions and CE Mobility: ‘welding’ a sound relationship to assist in providing ease of mobility to the physically challenged
19 January 2017

While November 2016 saw the commemoration of national disability rights awareness month in South Africa, many are still unaware that approximately 10% of the country’s entire population is actually in some way disabled. This translates into some 250,000 people who may require a wheelchair or other mobility aid. In addition, there are the elderly - and those who have suffered some form of temporary disablement - who also may require various mechanical mobility aids.
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Elquip Solutions' long-term relationship with IMET brings the very latest cutting-edge sawing solutions to South African industry
07 November 2016

In the world of fabrication or manufacturing, one of the first steps invariably involves cutting components from raw material. The faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively this can be done, the greater return-on-investment the product generates.
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Kinkelder saw blades: Cutting at its best from Elquip Solutions
04 August 2016

Elquip Solutions seeks out the latest industrial technology to supply to the South African market. As an established local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment, the company aims to provide quality at all times to its customers. In the current economic downturn, it is also equally concerned with providing them with the best value for money.
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Training - the essential ‘tool’ to ensure customers get the latest technical expertise from Elquip Solutions
14 July 2016

While being able to access quality tools and equipment is a major advantage, expertise in their use is also essential. To ensure that its customers get exactly that, Elquip Solutions' Internal Sales Engineer Daniel Cox recently attended key training by two of the company’s international principals, to bring this expertise to South Africa.
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Safe and sound: Zanardo enclosures from Elquip Solutions protect the electronic nerve centres of SA business
23 May 2016

Electrical and automation systems are central to the functioning of businesses across South Africa, and damage to this equipment can lead to expensive delays. It makes sense, then, for companies to source enclosures for electronics and automation with the same care they would use to select the systems themselves.
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Endorsement at the Highest Level for Behringer Sawing Technology locally supplied by Elquip Solutions
04 April 2016

When it comes to selecting a supplier of sawing technology, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Many companies have set up shop in this sector, each promising quality, versatility and dependable after-sales support. Even in this crowded field, however, the Behringer Group stands out. This German family-owned and managed organisation is known for being one of the few suppliers able to meet every cutting requirement of its customers – whether for hack-, band or circular saws.
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Proving their mettle: Elquip Solutions and YLM: bringing the best in global tube bending technology to local industry
13 November 2015

Elquip Solutions works hard to find only the best global manufacturers of products, and as a specialist in the tube and pipe industry, is proud to distribute YLM tube bending machines in South Africa. “Through YLM we can now offer our existing customers a premium brand which offers a quality product on a par with the best in the world, but which is easy on the pocket,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.
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Elquip Solutions – providing high-precision German scarfing systems for the tube and pipe industry
6 October 2015

Sourcing from some of the leading brands worldwide, Elquip Solutions provides both capital equipment and consumables to meet a broad range of industry requirements. Specialising in the steel, coil processing and fabrication industries, the company prides itself on extensive knowledge of the South African tube and pipe industry; and has amassed a wide range of products and solutions for this niche market.
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The Right ‘Tool’ for the Job - Elquip Solutions announces distribution agreement with Hoffmann Group
1 September 2015

In a bid to provide its customers with the highest quality electrical and mechanical equipment and consumables, Elquip Solutions sources only the best global brands. The company’s ever-expanding portfolio of products, which also includes capital equipment, therefore features a broad array of international brands.
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Flexicon Conduits from Elquip Solutions: Liquid–tight technology for subsea vehicles
19 March 2015

Elquip Solutions has made a name for itself as a quality provider of market-leading electrical components, tooling and machinery for a wide range of industries. In a bid to source the right product for a specific industrial requirement, this Gauteng-based company has introduced a high-end, comprehensive range of flexible conduit systems and components from UK manufacturer Flexicon to the local market.
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Elquip Solutions - Bringing Top Italian Sheet Metal Working Lines to South African Industry
02 October 2014

One of Italy’s most important names in machine building is now represented in South Africa as part of a distributorship agreement with Elquip Solutions, which provides quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and capital equipment to local industry.
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Quality in the pipeline: Elquip Solutions reinforces commitment to the tube and pipe industry through agreement with Kent Corporation
27 August 2014

With cost-cutting a priority for most businesses, a solution which eliminates the requirement for large-scale capital investments or machinery replacement is compelling. Kent Corporation’s range of specialised capital equipment for the tube and pipe industry is specifically designed with both cost-cutting and enhanced productivity in mind.
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On track to supply revitalised rail industry with high-end flexible conduit solutions
15 August 2014

The capacity to source and supply the right product for a specialised industrial requirement has always been key to Elquip Solutions’ success. Since the 1980’s, the Boksburg-based company has established itself as a key local provider of global, market-leading electrical components, tooling and machinery.
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Friction-free and safe: Elquip Solutions increases its product range through new anti-static Flexicon conduit system
11 April 2014

The hallmark of a successful manufacturing company is to offer a tailored range of products which few competitors can offer.
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Elquip Solutions offers popular and versatile range of contactors
14 March 2014

The development and distribution of a market leading product is a long and intricate process and involves many aspects such as due diligence and extensive market research. This is particularly important in South Africa, where companies have to produce world class products, manufactured according to strict quality and safety standards, which will perform in demanding operating conditions.
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