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Month: March 2014

Elquip Solutions offers popular and versatile range of contactors

Elquip Solutions offers popular and versatile range of contactors

The development and distribution of a market leading product is a long and intricate process and involves many aspects such as due diligence and extensive market research. This is particularly important in South Africa, where companies have to produce world class products, manufactured according to strict quality and safety standards, which will perform in demanding operating conditions.

In this light, the ABB-produced range of AF Contactors has proven to be extremely popular.

The products are distributed in South Africa by channel partner Elquip Solutions. Managing Director Mike Cronin says that there is a definite need for the product in the industry because of its versatility and relevance.

“The products are proving popular because they are very relevant, serving specific industry criteria. These key requirements include managing application requirements, coordinated systems, safe and easy handling, products which are able to handle voltage disturbances and supported by comprehensive technical documentation,” says Cronin.

He adds that another reason why the products are so popular is the extensive client and industry research which is used to develop the products. These include extensive client interviews, in-depth analysis of their requirements and a follow-up programme to ensure client satisfaction.

A further determining factor in the popularity of the product is the range of industries where it can be used. According to Cronin, there are many applications for the product:

“The products are used by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), where they are utilised in the manufacture of compressors, cranes, drives, elevators and pumps. The products are also popular in the pulp and paper industry as well as steel, water and mining industries.”

One particular application both worldwide and locally, is the renewable energy industry, in which the contactors can be used in wind turbines.

An important component of these turbines is the variable speed drives which operate at full capacity during calm, windless days, and which do not operate at all on windy days. AF Contactors can be used in the variable speed drives to control their main circuitry. The advantage of these contactors is that they are available in a range of performance options.

“Another important aspect of the contactors is their significant safety element. The AF contactors’ improved safety features include terminal shrouds preventing unintentional manual operation and time wastage.”

In summary, the AF contactors are a popular, robust and energy-efficient product with a huge range of applications, and Elquip Solutions is proud to market them to industry,” Cronin concludes.