Friction-free and safe: Elquip Solutions increases its product range through new anti-static Flexicon conduit system

The hallmark of a successful manufacturing company is to offer a tailored range of products which few competitors can offer.

Local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products Elquip Solutions prides itself on achieving this regularly.

Further to this end, the company has recently announced an addition from global principal Flexicon, which focuses on anti-static flexible conduit systems.

Elquip Solutions Managing Director Mike Cronin says that this product will add significant value to the market, as it provides users with flexibility and ease of operation.

“The LTPAS and LTPPUAS flexible conduits can be used to avoid electrostatic charge build-up on installed equipment, including the surface of the conduit. This issue is particularly prevalent when working in hazardous areas.

Both systems comply with clause 7.4.2 of EN600079-0, which refers to the avoidance of a build-up of electrostatic charge on Group I or Group II electrical equipment,” says Cronin.

Available in sizes from 16mm up to 63mm, this new offering is compatible with all liquid tight fittings including the new EXD flameproof barrier glands.


The LTPAS liquid tight flexible conduit system is PVC coated, with a special anti-static additive and has high compression strength of up to 400kg; and a high tensile strength of up to 130kg. Available with IP ratings up to IP68 and IP69K, the LTPAS can withstand temperatures from -20°C to 105°C.


The LTPPUAS liquid tight flexible conduit system is polyurethane coated with a special anti-static additive, offering high abrasion resistance and superior protection for demanding environments. Available with IP ratings of up to IP68 and IP69K, the cable protection system can withstand temperatures from – 40°C to 80°C.

“Elquip Solutions has always been focused on meeting our customer’s individual specifications, and it will be no different with this product.

Introducing a specialised anti-static product to the local market means that we can further support customers who are working in hazardous and challenging environments,” says Cronin.

He continues: “This will be a welcome addition to the competitive and price-conscious South African market. Customers tend to look for a range of options which would meet their required objectives, while strictly adhering to budgets.”

Both the LTPAS and LTPPUAS flexible conduit systems are included within the new Flexicon hazardous area range, complementing each other perfectly to offer a well-rounded solution to the market.

“We always strive to offer the widest product range available and to introduce products which complement each other. In so doing, we have successfully established ourselves as a distributor of choice in a highly competitive market,” Cronin concludes.