Quality in the pipeline: Elquip Solutions reinforces commitment to the tube and pipe industry through agreement with Kent Corporation

With cost-cutting a priority for most businesses, a solution which eliminates the requirement for large-scale capital investments or machinery replacement is compelling. Kent Corporation’s range of specialised capital equipment for the tube and pipe industry is specifically designed with both cost-cutting and enhanced productivity in mind.

This range is now available locally through an agreement which Elquip Solutions has entered into with the USA-based company.

Kent Corporation has been an industry-leading supplier to the international tube mill and strip processing industries for over four decades, and Elquip Solutions is excited to be representing them locally.

“Kent Corporation is well-known in the industry for its specialist knowledge of tube mill technology and strip preparation equipment. Due to this specialist focus, they bring to the market a range of high-end, state-of-the-art components which are internationally and locally tried and tested,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions.

Elquip Solutions is an established local provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment. The business has supplied the local tube and pipe industry for many years. Based in Johannesburg, the company works closely with its customers in the tube and pipe industry to find the most cost-efficient and effective solutions for their applications, and tailor them to individual needs.

“At Elquip Solutions, our focus is on sourcing and distributing consumables and components which represent the very latest in global technological advancements. Our agreement with Kent Corporation is very much aligned with this strategy – it is a high-end global brand which we are proud to represent in South Africa,” says Cronin.

He continues: “The major advantage of Kent Corporation’s components for the tube mill industry is that they can be retro-fitted onto existing machinery for process modernisation and enhancement, without the major capital expenditure associated with replacing or upgrading equipment.”

Kent Corporation designs and manufactures a range of strip accumulators, coil-handling equipment, coil-end welders and deburring machines using cutting-edge technology, and distributes to over 53 countries. The equipment is exceptionally robust, according to Cronin.

“Along with the high-level, specialist knowledge that comes from focusing on the tube and pipe industry, the robustness and sheer quality which Kent Corporation brings to the market is another compelling advantage for our local customers,” he says.

“The strip preparation equipment is available as standard equipment; but can also be customised or retro-fitted to meet individual customer requirements and systems design. This globally tried-and-tested technology achieves significant improvements in production efficiencies and modernisation within a tube mill – without major capital investment. It is a highly cost-effective solution to process upgrading, preventing any loss from operational downtime.”

“Distributing Kent Corporation components further demonstrates Elquip Solutions’ commitment to the tube and pipe industry and our quest to find the most effective and efficient global solutions to suit the local market,” Cronin concludes.