Endorsement at the Highest Level for Behringer Sawing Technology locally supplied by Elquip Solutions

When it comes to selecting a supplier of sawing technology, it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees. Many companies have set up shop in this sector, each promising quality, versatility and dependable after-sales support. Even in this crowded field, however, the Behringer Group stands out. This German family-owned and managed organisation is known for being one of the few suppliers able to meet every cutting requirement of its customers – whether for hack-, band or circular saws.

Now, the group’s reputation for comprehensive service has been endorsed by a global leader in the manufacture of stainless steel, Dörrenberg Edelstahl GmbH, showing once again why Behringer should be the producer of choice in 2016 for clients in search of high-performance cutting machines.

According to a recent edition of Stahlmarkt, a German monthly magazine which caters for the steel trade, there is a very close relationship which has developed between well-known manufacturer Dörrenberg and Behringer, as its products have come to play a central role in Dörrenberg’s operations.

Commenting on the article, local supplier of Behringer products and Managing Director of Elquip Solutions, Mike Cronin, says: “Behringer responds to Dörrenberg’s need for machines capable of tackling a wide spectrum of materials which also have multiple dimensions (up to 1 000 millimetres in the case of large cross sections). As a result, Dörrenberg has invested in some 70 Behringer saws over the years.”

“Behringer supplies straight-cutting, mitre-cutting and vertical band saws, but it is the HBP range of large band saws that has really played a starring role at Dörrenberg. This comes as no surprise, as these giants can handle anything from slabs to cast blocks,” Cronin continues.

“However, size does not come at the expense of precision or efficiency. HBP models have many features which ensure a good return on your investment, including blade guiding elements and a servo feed system that raises cutting output,” he points out.

Other features in the large band saw range include a portal design that can cope with big loads but which also minimises vibrations, carbide blade guides and dampening rollers which ensure that the saw blade enters and exits cutting materials safely, and duplex chip brushes which clean the blade while preventing chips from gravitating to the cutting channel.

The company’s circular saws are produced by a subsidiary, Behringer Eisele, also represented by Elquip. The Behringer Eisele portfolio comprises VMS vertical saws, PSU mitre saws, HCS high-performance saws, and VA-L automatic circular cold saws.

“The VA-L series sets new standards in several performance areas, including volume sawing of materials and the capacity of a circular saw to deal with complex cross-sections,” says Cronin.

Users of VA-L models have the further benefit of flexible material clamping (pneumatic for gentle clamping or a hydraulic option for greater power), adjustable cutting speeds for cutting through materials of different strengths, and a feed axis that makes use of state-of-the-art drive technology.

Behringer has particular expertise in handling materials which have difficult cutting properties, and prides itself on vertically integrated production – something made possible, in part, by the company’s ownership of a modern foundry at which it manufactures cast components. A management system certified to DIN ISO 9001 means that customers are assured of high standards throughout the production of Behringer equipment.

“Here in South Africa, we at Elquip Solutions are happy to introduce customers to the innovation and reliability which characterise Behringer,” says Cronin.