Safe and sound: Zanardo enclosures from Elquip Solutions protect the electronic nerve centres of SA business

Electrical and automation systems are central to the functioning of businesses across South Africa, and damage to this equipment can lead to expensive delays. It makes sense, then, for companies to source enclosures for electronics and automation with the same care they would use to select the systems themselves.

Zanardo has positioned itself as a global leader in the enclosures market, producing products which can be seamlessly integrated into operations, from office to factory floor.

Based in Northern Italy, Zanardo has more than 30 years of expertise in the field of metal carpentry.

“Items manufactured by the company range from boxes, suspension and roof ventilation systems to cabinets for housing network servers and distribution boards,” says Mike Cronin, Managing Director of Elquip Solutions, which has been Zanardo’s local South African distributor for the past 15 years.

“Zanardo prides itself on producing enclosures which are sufficiently versatile to meet the most diverse systems requirements, yet robust enough to guard against wear and tear.

At Elquip Solutions, we in turn pride ourselves on a comprehensive stockholding and competitive pricing structure, thereby ensuring Zanardo’s local customers of easy accessibility to their products and a great deal besides,” Cronin advises.

The company’s product lines make use of casings constructed from welded steel monobloc structures, and steel sheet drawn-column bearing frames. Side panels, back panels and doors are manufactured in steel sheet with a thickness of 1.5mm or more, while internal plates come in galvanised steel of 2mm and upwards.

Among the host of features which customers can expect are transparent doors, doors with keyboard and mouse-supporting systems, single or multiple cable entry flanges and polyurethane sealing gaskets.

Pre-drilled internal supports for elements mounting and removable shelves on telescopic guides allow for ease of assembly – while the use of thermosetting powders for painting guarantees that Zanardo’s painted sheet products are able to tolerate temperatures from -40°C to +60°C.

The items are available in multiple sizes and configurations, and the company also manufactures units in stainless steel: including junction boxes, hanging boxes and control consoles. Zanardo will customise its products for customers who cannot find an exact match for their requirements in the company’s extensive catalogue.

“Thanks to the variety and quality of their enclosures, Zanardo has found a market for their products around the world. We are proud to have represented them, and to have supplied their products to South African industry, for the past 15 years,” says Cronin.

On the success of Elquip’s relationship with Zanardo, he adds: “We share the conviction that building lasting relationships with customers is not simply a matter of equipment changing hands – but of ensuring that these purchases translate into meaningful solutions to our customers’ challenges on the shop floor.”

Security and safety considerations are addressed through, among others, PVC locking systems as well as M4 and M6 pins for earthing. Zanardo enclosures have been tested by several organisations, including the Technischer Überwachungs-Verein (TÜV SÜD) and the Centro Elettrotecnico
Sperimentale Italiano (CESI), to ensure that the items meet requirements for withstanding impacts, waterproofing and the like.

Furthermore, products are certified according to ISO 9001/2008 regulations, and the range also complies with EN 62208 and EN 61 439 regulations.

Additionally, Zanardo offers a vast number of accessories, both for its products in painted sheet and those manufactured from stainless steel. These include padlockable covers for locks, keys (double-comb, triangular, yale and FIAT), die-cast hinges and back-fixing blocks. Customers in search of sheet accessories can choose from Zanardo’s plinths, bases, panels and doors.

“We can ensure rapid delivery of Zanardo’s products, and can also assist with installation where necessary. We are very proud to be the long-term local distributor of such an extensive range of quality products, which assist in protecting the electronic nerve centres of South African business,” Cronin concludes.