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Month: November 2016

Elquip Solutions’ long-term relationship with IMET brings the very latest cutting-edge sawing solutions to South African industry

Elquip Solutions’ long-term relationship with IMET brings the very latest cutting-edge sawing solutions to South African industry

In the world of fabrication or manufacturing, one of the first steps invariably involves cutting components from raw material. The faster, more efficiently and cost-effectively this can be done, the greater return-on-investment the product generates.

Elquip Solutions, a leading local provider of global quality electrical components, tooling and machinery is keenly aware of this and has, for this reason, over the years, established an excellent working relationship with a number of overseas principals in the cutting industry. One of these is IMET, an Italian company, which has been manufacturing bandsaws, circular saws and sawing machines since 1968.

“Elquip Solutions is much more than simply a supplier of tools or equipment,” says Managing Director Mike Cronin.

“We are dedicated to adding value to our customers’ operations through a strategy of innovation, product excellence and unmatched support,” Cronin explains.

Commenting on why the relationship with IMET has gone from strength to strength, Cronin says that Elquip combines decades of personal experience with an impressive product portfolio.

“This brings our customers the most efficient and effective technology solutions available – tailor-made to specific requirements. We do this by maintaining close contact with both our principals and our customers to ensure our clients are able to conduct their operations with reliable, high-quality, energy-efficient and affordable solutions that put them at the forefront of their respective industries.”

This strategy is matched in Elquip’s relationships with its overseas principals, IMET being a prime example. IMET has long been known for the quality and innovation that it brings to its range of industrial saws. Always at the forefront of innovation, this year IMET introduced the XSmart3 DC12A-NC automatic double-column bandsaw, which is intended for high-volume production of a variety of materials.

This state-of-the-art, fully programmable machine can execute serial cutting of various lengths and quantities, and store the jobs for ease of future set-up. The saw features IMET’s XSmart3 CNC operating system that allows the loading of up to ten jobs, each with as many as ten different lengths and quantities. Among many features is the capability whereby all cutting functions display at the operator console, which shows error messages and the nature of each error as they occur.

In addition, the XSmart3 features include easy mounting of infeed roller conveyors, a cut-off trough that allows work-pieces to drop off into a parts bin or optional conveyors, and easy access to an optional chip conveyor and flushing/cleaning hose. Furthermore, the saw vice holds material on both sides of the saw blade, thereby eliminating drop-off burrs.

The advanced features of this new product were a remarkable success at the recent Paris Industrie 2016 Fair.

In collaboration with IMET, Elquip Solutions ensures that it maintains an extensive inventory of spares in South Africa. “This inventory is both of our company’s commitment to our local customer base,” continues Cronin. This is supported by Elquip’s skilled team members, who have the technical training, experience and knowledge to assist customers to get the very best out of their IMET products.

“At Elquip Solutions, we are proud to be a long term distributor of IMET quality cutting products, which continue to assist in keeping South African industry at the cutting-edge of excellence,” Cronin concludes.