Elquip Solutions and Hoffman offer a catalogue of tooling excellence unmatched for its range and quality.

Elquip Solutions Internal Sales Engineer Daniel Cox with the catalogue and a single open-ended ratchet ring spanner from Hoffman’s in-house brand Garant.

While all of South Africa’s tool importers have catalogues of their products, none of these online or print publications contain nearly as wide a range of tools and ancillary products which are contained in the Hoffman Group catalogue, explains Elquip Solutions Managing Director Mike Cronin.

“Experience has taught us that manufacturers prefer to source all their tool requirements from one highly reputable supplier who is able to offer ready availability,” says Cronin.

Elquip Solutions, founded in the 1980s, is an established Southern African provider of quality global electrical, automation, mechanical and consumable products as well as capital equipment. One of Elquip Solutions key overseas principals is the Hoffman Group, a major international company which supplies 500 brands of tools, ancillaries and other manufacturing-related products from global leaders in their various fields of manufacture. Based in Nuremberg, Germany, Hoffman features Europe’s largest tooling logistics centre.

“By approaching the world’s best tool manufacturers to manufacture specifically for them, Hoffmann accesses vast experience and expertise for the benefit of its customers,” explains Cronin. “We are proud to be able to pass this on to our South African customers,” he adds.

Every year, the Hoffman Group issues a catalogue of the tools it is able to offer.

“As an indication of the sheer extent of their tool range, the most recent catalogue comprised some 1,655 pages. In these catalogues, manufacturers will find every conceivable tool or ancillary to maximise the productivity of their businesses. Therefore, no matter what field of manufacture you are in, you will find the right tool at the right price in the latest Hoffman catalogue,” continues Cronin.

In the pages of the catalogue, customers will find well-known names of the world’s leading tool suppliers. With this colossal range, the catalogue only has sufficient space to list 65,000 of the 500,000 listed tools that Hoffman supplies. The catalogue is also able to offer a choice between premium, standard and economy brands of tooling. In the premium range, Hoffman is able to offer its own in-house brands of Garant and Holex.

In the prevailing tough economic conditions, flexibility in tool choice is a strong advantage. Hoffman’s Garant brand markets excellent products of optimum quality which are guaranteed to exceed expectations and offer the certainty of an optimal cost/benefit ratio. However, when pure functionality is a requirement, Hoffman – through the medium of its catalogue – is able to offer more affordable alternatives.

Among the pages of the catalogue are many award-winning tools. For example, Hoffman’s electronic torque wrench manufactured by Garant was the winner of the coveted Red Dot Design Award this year, an international product design and communication design prize awarded by the Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Essen, Germany. A testament to the scale of this achievement is that competitors from 57 countries took part in the competition with a total of some 5,200 products and innovations.

“What is absolutely vital for Elquip Solutions is that we not only supply the best products and solutions, but also ensure our clients have the expertise to use our tools and equipment to maximum effect,” says Elquip Solutions’ Internal Sales Engineer Daniel Cox.

To this end, the catalogue contains specifications for the optimal use of particular tools. As an example, the catalogue explains that Version 20 3009 of the Garant solid end carbide end mill is ‘specially for machining stainless steels such as duplex steels at high rates of metal removal’.

“For Hoffmann, the catalogue is in fact a key sales tool with the innovative and extensive range of the 65,000 various tools it supplies. In South Africa, customers place orders for tools which Elquip imports, allowing South African customers to source high-quality tools from Hoffmann at affordable prices,” explains Cox. In order to bring the latest tooling expertise to Elquip’s South African customer base, he recently attended intensive training at Hoffman’s headquarters in Germany.

“Elquip Solutions is much more than simply a supplier of tools,” Cronin elaborates. “Through the tools and equipment we have to offer, we are able to add real value to our customers’ operations through a strategy of innovation, product excellence and unmatched support. We encourage all South African industrial manufacturers are encouraged to contact Elquip Solutions to get a complimentary copy of this extremely valuable tool reference and resource,” he concludes.