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Elquip Solutions sharpens cost-competitiveness and productivity with leading cutting capital equipment and consumables at Machine Tools Africa

Elquip Solutions sharpens cost-competitiveness and productivity with leading cutting capital equipment and consumables at Machine Tools Africa

L – R: Gerrit van Oosterum, Commercial Manager, Kinkelder; Mike Cronin, Managing Director, Elquip Solutions; Cedric Folschweiller, Sales Manager, Tube Tools, Saar-Hartmetall; Bella Lin, Regional Manager, YLM; Michael Popa, Export Manager, Behringer; Lars Borkowsky, Head of International Sales and Marketing, Rontgen

Steel fabrication follows a sequence, of which cutting is the first crucial step. The faster and more efficiently fabrication companies can cut components, the greater the final productivity and profit margins. Elquip Solutions specialises in the supply of specialist cutting capital equipment and consumables which will truly give their users the sharpest competitive edge in steel cutting.

This year, from 9 to 12 May, Elquip Solutions welcomes fabricators and manufacturers to its stands G03 and G05 at Machine Tools Africa 2017 (MTA). Elquip is, amongst others, proudly showcasing a number of capital equipment offerings from its principals Behringer and Behringer Eisele at MTA. “One of the most powerful yet versatile cutting ‘weapons’ in the fabricator’s arsenal is the bandsaw,” explains Elquip Solutions Managing Director Mike Cronin.

Behringer’s HBE 321 A Dynamic bandsaw is a response to market demands for more efficient, precise and economical primary cutting. Behringer has increased performance while using servo-driven down feed and the latest generation of drives with high torque and reduced energy consumption – as well as optimising the machine’s footprint – without compromising occupational safety, ease of maintenance or handling simplicity.

“To protect against overloading, for example, the HBE 321 A has the Automatic Feed Control feature fitted as standard,” Michael Popa Export Manager for Behringer, explains.

For the precision cutting of solid plates and blocks, Elquip is also exhibiting the Behringer LPS 60-T bandsaw. One of a series of bandsaws in the LPS range, the LPS 60-T features a host of elements such as automatic feed control, servo-driven table positioning, chip conveyor and laser-assisted manual material alignment to ensure ultimate cutting precision.

“Furthermore, as Behringer shares Elquip’s concern for the environment, a highly accurate micro-dosing unit can be added in order to eliminate excessive blade lubrication,” Popa continues.

The LPS60-T has recently been sold to a local manufacturing company where it will be used to cut tool-steel slabs.

From Behringer’s subsidiary, Behringer Eisele, Elquip is exhibiting the HCS 90 E circular cold saw. The powerful fully enclosed HCS 90 E has an exceptionally robust base, which eliminates vibration for a long service life, optimum power transmission and a precision cut without fail. For further cutting accuracy, the HCS 90 E has a feed axis with a servo motor. The machine’s tilted sawing console ensures efficient removal of flying chips while the robust, hydraulically operated multiple-point clamping device allows for quiet, smooth cutting.

In terms of consumables, Elquip Solutions is showcasing the latest in circular saw blade technology from its Dutch principal, Kinkelder. A global market leader, Kinkelder’s main business focus is to understand and anticipate the market’s requirement for ever-lower production costs.

“Kinkelder analyses the sawing processes, and identifies key variables in both material and machine conditions. By doing this, it has driven down production costs by optimising cutting finish and performance, and eliminating waste and costly secondary operations,” explains Kinkelder’s Commercial Manager, Gerrit van Oosterum.

Kinkelder’s high-speed steel (HSS) and tungsten carbide-tipped (TCT) blades for the cutting of tube and bar are on display. A good example these are the TCT Series CX saw blades, which combine the advantages of high cutting speeds of friction sawing, with the fine cut finish of cold sawing. Based predominantly on coated tungsten carbide-tipped blades, these are suitable for very high-speed cutting of tubes, pipes, sections, solid ferrous materials and stainless steels.

“The benefits of these blades are increased uptime, increased line speed, improved blade life and burr-free cutting,” continues van Oosterum.

Apart from cutting equipment and consumables, Elquip is also displaying the following from its leading international principals: tube-bending equipment from manufacturer YLM; bandsaw blades from manufacturer Röntgen; and a wide range of tools from specialist tool manufacturers Saar-Hartmettal and the Hoffmann Group.

“When it comes to tools, look no further than our principal, Hoffman, a leading German tooling specialist, as its range includes nearly every conceivable tool one could ever need. At MTA, among other ranges, Hoffman is displaying the house brands Holex and premium-quality Garant range,” comments Cronin.

He adds that, from YLM, a leading Taiwan-based manufacturer of tube bending equipment, Elquip is featuring the state-of-the-art CNC 38-RSM five-axis 38mm bending machine, with a punching function included. This machine has recently been sold to one of Elquip’s customers. He adds that YLM also offer a fully automated working cell – including cutting, bending, end-forming and robotics – which makes quality and state-of-the-art technology both accessible and affordable to customers.

In addition, and bringing its 100 years of experience in metal-saw blades, Röntgen has their complete range of bimetal and carbide-tipped band saw blades for the cutting of metals from standard materials up to super alloys on display.

And finally, for blanks, tools, roll rings, tungsten carbide wear resistant parts, PM alloys and steels, one need look no further than the Saar-Hartmetall display on Elquip’s stand at MTA. A speciality of Saar-Hartmetall is its range of internal and external deburring tools, which are used for finishing cut tubes.

“If you are either in the fabrication or manufacturing sector, you will surely need to cut steel and – more importantly – you will be looking to cut costs. At MTA this year, we are delighted to share our team of highly experienced international principals’ – and our local team’s – knowledge and expertise; which will set our customers firmly on the path of lowered operational costs and increased productivity,” Cronin concludes.