Fully Synthetic Soluble Grinding Fluid
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Fully Synthetic Soluble Grinding Fluid

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SOLTUM 117 is a fully Synthetic soluble grinding and sharpening solution, which is compatible with all water qualities, including hard water, due to the products ability to hold matter in suspension.


SOLTUM 117 contains a high detergency formulation that prevents the clogging of grinding wheels, honing stones and other grinding media. Special rust inhibitors prevent surface corrosion even at very low concentration levels.

SOLTUM 117 has been specifically designed for use in Surface and Shaft Grinding machines, Honing Machines and Sharpening Equipment. The emulsion not only cools the part but also assists in the evacuation of metal and stone particulates from the grinding surface. Collectively these performance characteristics significantly improve surface finish.


Mix Soltum 117 with water to the following concentration guidelines:


Grinding 3% 0.60L 19.40L

Sharpening 2.5% 0.50L 19.50L

NOTE: This emulsion is of the oil into water type. We strongly advise against mixing them in reverse.

We recommend mixing the solution in 20L batches then filling the machine to the manufacturer’s specifications.