Extreme Pressure Soluable Cutting Fluid
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Extreme Pressure Soluable Cutting Fluid

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SOLTUM 338 is an extreme pressure soluble cutting fluid. It is compatible with all water qualities, including hard water, due to the products ability to hold matter in suspension.


SOLTUM 338 has extreme pressure properties and superior cooling power, making it highly recommended for all kinds of machining where the end user requires excellent technical results combined with a very cost-effective product.

SOLTUM 338 is compatible with all kinds of materials, including non-ferrous metals, aluminium, and its alloys. In addition to a reduction in machining time, the use of this emulsion increases tool life. Powerful corrosion inhibitors incorporated into the product's formulation protects cuttings tools, workpieces, and exposed metal parts of the machine from corrosion.


Mix Soltum 338 with water to the following concentration guidelines:


General Machining 5% 0.5L 19.5L

Non-Ferrous Metals,

Aluminium Alloys,

Stainless Steel 7% 0.7L 19.3L

Sawing/Deep Drilling 10% 1L 19L


This emulsion is of the oil into water type. We strongly advise against mixing them in reverse.

We recommend mixing the solution in 20L batches then filling the machine to the manufacturer’s specifications.