Semi-Synthetic Soluble Cutting Fluid
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Semi-Synthetic Soluble Cutting Fluid

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SOLTUM 228 is a semi-synthetic general purpose soluble cutting fluid that is compatible with all water qualities, including hard water, due to the products ability to hold matter in suspension.


SOLTUM 228 features industry-leading metal cutting performance and superior cooling power. This ensures the cutting tool and workpiece always remain cool, even when applying high rates of feed. Rust inhibitors also protect all exposed surfaces from corrosion.

SOLTUM 228 has been specially formulated for general machining on CNC and conventional equipment. A carefully selected range of bactericides and fungicides increases the emulsions life by providing a powerfully destructive effect on all families of bacteria, increasing the emulsions life. It does not contain any Sodium Nitrites, Chlorine or Sulphur and satisfies Aeronautical and Nuclear industry standards.


Mix Soltum 228 with water to the following concentration guidelines:


General Machining 4% 0.75L 19.25L

Tool Steels 6% 1.25L 18.85L


This emulsion is of the oil into water type. We strongly advise against mixing them in reverse.

We recommend mixing the solution in 20L batches then filling the machine to the manufacturer’s specifications.